Before you take a look at the manuals here are some  tips for optimal performance and long lasting use:
  1. Always roll your musguard with the printed side inward (dirty side facing out).
  2. Keep your Musguard rolled when you don't need it. This will help it keep its shape and give it a nice tense sharpness once it's installed.
  3. Secure the strap tightly when installing!


Unlock Musguard
(don't worry, just snap it open)

Fold along the groove so it
becomes nice and straight.

The mounting fold can be a bit tricky at first.
Squeeze together on the sides
and push down the logo area.
That's right, you got it!

ROLLING (on frame)

When rolling on frame fold the flap
at the bottom of the logo area inward,
between the Musguard and the frame.

The flap will prevent the rolled
Musguard from sliding back and forth
on the top tube during riding
and keep it in place



The strap is intentionally made longer -
enough to fit most seat tube diameters
as well as oversize tubing.

It is recommended to cut the strap
to your needed length, just enough
to fit your tube diameter neatly.

Detailed manual pdf also available for DOWNLOAD