Musgard is smart and elegant solution for protecting your back when riding on wet and muddy roads.
It is very lightweight (40 grams) and has no mounts, no extra parts to mess your bikes aesthetic.

When not in use it packs very small. It can be rolled on your frame or simply stored in your bag, pocket or hung on your key chain.

It is die cut from a strong, resilient and recyclable polypropylene (PP) plastic sheet using a unique folding system for stability and firm fit.

The application is simple and fast, no tools needed. It fits neatly, very close to the rear wheel.

Originally designed for use on fixed gear / single speed bikes, Musgard fits most frames with paired seat stays and a brake bridge. Works best on bikes without a rear brake.

only 29 $ per Musguard with worldwide shipping included
Shipping time
We ship every Monday. Delivery can take from 4 days up to 3 weeks, depending on your location. We ship priority mail without tracking.
Keep your Musguard clean - wipe it down or wash it with water. Before rolling, wait for it to dry or wipe it down. If your Musguard bends or warps, roll it up (printed side inward!) and let it "heal" for a while.
We will exchange every Musguard (or its’ components) that are faulty. Drop us a line and preferably a picture and we will take care of it.

A 1 year warranty aplies to:
-broken or torn pieces which indicate they were not broken by mistreatment.
-broken or torn straps

no warranty applies for:
-brakes, folds, creases induced by application of pressure (no “my dog chew it” and “i sit on it” scenarios)
-well used pieces -mistreated or abused pieces
Exchanges and returns
Returns/exchanges can be made on ground of:
-color preferences
-damaged good
-the Musguard not fitting your bike
-if no clear sign of use